Highest numbers of Light on Single Kite String World Record

Highest numbers of Light on Single Kite
An Ahmedabad-based businessman flew a kite with 572 tiny electric lights attached to its string that lit up the evening sky and - took him straight into the record books. Umang Bhai Thakkar, 45, has made the record by flying a kite with the most number of electric lights on it, Rinki Tomar, India Book of Records co-publisher, told here.

The venue selected for the event Thursday was the rooftop of a 22-storey revolving restaurant called Patang Hotel, owned by Thakkar. Thakkar, who was leading a group of 10 kite-flyers, achieved the feat in about 32 minutes, starting at 7.58 p.m. and ending at 8.30 p.m. The kite was around 8 feet long.

"We had set up a target of around 800 electric lights but due to heavy wind and bad weather we could manage 572 electric lights, which was quite satisfactory," Paavan Solanki, an international kite flyer, told on phone from the Gujarat city.
Highest numbers of Light on Single Kite

The string, made of synthetic cloth, was 107 metres long. Each of the tiny lights had a battery and a switch attached to it. "The crowd was so encouraging, the whole rooftop was jampacked with over 300 people and those who could not make it to the rooftop witnessed the event from around the building," said Solanki, who is also Royal Kite Flyers Club Founder.

"We have videographed every moment and it was amazing to see Thakkar's effort and involvement to create the record," said Chetan Upadhyaya, India Book of Records observer. Thakkar has also applied to the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records.

Umang Thakkar along with ten team members flew 572 Electric tukkal on a 107 meter long string of a kite measuring 12 X 12 and weighing 1.75 kilograms on 14th January 2010.

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