Top 10 Biggest Massacres in Mankind Past

1. Nankin Massacre
Biggest Massacres
The Nanking Massacre is also known as the Rape of Nanking where hundreds of thousands of civilians were brutally murdered and raped in the city of Nanking which was the former capital city of the Republic of China. The massacre went on for a period of six weeks where the soldiers of Imperial Japanese Army entered the city of Nanking and start killing people of China. The Nanking Massacre is considered to be the worst massacre in human history because more than 80 thousand men and women were killed, tortured and raped in a period of six weeks.

2. Babi Yar Massacre
Biggest Massacres
The Babi Yar massacre happened in the year 1941 when more than 33 thousand Jews were killed in a single operation that was led by the military governor, Major General Friedrich Eberhardt, the Police Commander of Army Group South Friedrich Jeckeln and C Commander Otto Rasch. The operation was carried out by combined forces like SS, SD and SiPo. Babi Yar is a ravine just outside Kiev which is the capital of Ukraine. However, Nazi forces soon captured Kiev and were looking out for Jews who were hiding in Babi Yar. The Babi Yar massacre is largest single mass killing massacre in the world.

3. St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
Biggest Massacres
Also popular known as Massacre de la Saint-Barthelemy this event took place in 1572 in Paris. The massacre began two days after the attempted assassination of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, who was the military and political leader of Huguenots. Soon after that a group of assassinations along with Roman Catholic mob began to start killing people all over Paris and the massacre spread to other urban areas and countryside as well. It is estimated that around 30 thousand people were killed in this massacre.

4. NKVD Prisoner Massacre
Biggest Massacres
NKVD Prisoner Massacre is also known as the Massacre of Prisoners where a series of mass executions were performed against the NKVD prisoners in Poland and other Baltic states like Romania and Ukraine. The estimated death toll of this massacre is around 22 thousand prisoners were killed in series of killings that happened in different places. However, not all NKVD prisoners were killed and executed because some of them managed to escape from these prisons.

5. Katyn Massacre
Biggest Massacres
Katyn Massacre also known as the Katyn Forest Massacre was an event where thousands of Polish prisoners of war, military officers, intellectuals and policemen were slaughtered by the Soviet NKVD. The victims were taken to Katyn Forest in Russia where Stalin ordered his army to execute all the prisoners of war instantly. The death toll of Katyn Massacre also reached around 21 thousand on an estimate.

6. Massacre of Thessalonica
Biggest Massacres
The massacre of Thessalonica happened in a retaliatory action by a Roman Emperor Theodosius in 390. According to the sources, in April 390, a charioteer was arrested by the Roman military commander but soon he became the victim of mutiny which angered the Roman Emperor and he decided to kill all those people who were revolting against the orders. Though, the Emperor did had second thoughts to stop the killing the message of stopping the massacre reached late and more than 7000 people were already slaughtered.

7. The Massacre of Elphinstone’s Army
Biggest Massacres
The Massacre of Elphinstone’s Army was very much like a war where Afghan forces took over the combined British and Indian forces led by Major General William Elphinstone in 1842. Three years prior to this event, British forces captured Kabul due to which there was a lot of anger and feeling of revenge in Afghan forces. However, when British were leaving Kabul, Afghan forces led by Akbar Khan, the son of Dost Mohammed Khan attacked the British troops in a surprise strategic move. The Afghan killed and murdered around 4500 men that consist of British and Indian soldiers.

8. Sabra and Shatila Massacre
Biggest Massacres
In 1982, Kataeb Party that was led by Christian Lebanese Forces carried out a massacre where they killed and slaughtered Palestinian and Lebanese Muslim civilians. The massacre event triggered shortly after the assassination of Phalangist leader and President Bachir Gemayel. As per the sources more than 3500 people were killed in this massacre. Though, it is debated that it was because of Israeli Defense Force’s help that these forces were able to enter the Sabra and Shatila camps and massacre the people who were unaware of the events to unfold. The event was very much in the news for a lot of time due to which it attracted international reactions which further led to many controversies and debate that were later sorted out.

9. Batak Massacre
Biggest Massacres
The Batak Massacre is about the massacre of Bulgarians in Batak by Ottoman troops in 1876. As per the sources and references there were more than 3000 people killed in this massacre. The event took place shortly after the April Uprising where Bashi-Bazouk soldiers who were mainly Turkish negotiated with Ahmet Aga for a peace treaty and than attacked the defenseless population with its entire might killing innocent people all over Batak.

10. Granada Massacre
Biggest Massacres
Granada massacre is an event where a Muslim mob stormed into the Royal Palace of Granada and assassinated Jewish ruler, Joseph Ibn Naghrela who was a vizier to the Barber Kings of Granada. The mob stormed into the palace and crucified him and killed around 1500 Jewish families who were living in Granada.

World Smallest Living Baby

World Smallest Living Baby
She was 9 in long when she was born and weighed under 8 oz, about the weight of a fizzy drink can or a mobile phone. She made her parents cry, lying there all wrinkly, hooked up to the wires and the oxygen, dwarfed by her incubator and less than half the size of her twin. But Rumaisa Rahman, born 14 weeks early, battled for life and claimed her place in the record books as the smallest baby known to survive. She and her sister, Hiba, who weighed just 1lb 4oz at birth but is now a healthy 5lb, were delivered on September 19, 2004 by Caesarean section near Chicago. Doctors took the agonizing decision to deliver them at just twenty-five weeks and six days because their mother was suffering from such high blood pressure that her life, and the life of the twins she was carrying, were at risk. The gamble paid off. Rumaisa, broke a 15-year-old record set by a baby at the same hospital whose birth weight was just under 10 oz.

World Smallest Prison

World Smallest Prison
Sark Prison is located along the lines of Sark, one of the Channel Islands. It was built in 1856 and is apparently the smallest in the world. It can house 2 prisoners at a push and is still used for overnight stays - if you continue to play up after that you'll get shipped off to a proper grown-up jail with corridors and staff.

World Cup 2010 - Paul the Octopus dies

World Cup 2010 - Paul the Octopus diesPaul the Octopus, the cephalopod who became a global sensation after successfully predicting matches at the World Cup, has died peacefully in his sleep aged two.

Stefan Porwoll, general manager of the Oberhausen Sea Life centre in Germany - where Paul made his predictions - confirmed the news.

"He died last night, a peaceful and natural death," Porwoll said.

Paul, who was born in January 2008 in Weymouth, correctly predicted the winner of all seven of Germany's matches at this summer's World Cup in South Africa. He then correctly chose Spain over the Netherlands before the final.

Paul made his predictions by choosing between two feed boxes which bore the flags of the two nations involved in the next match.

Time and again his predictions came true, transforming him into a global sensation who attracted big-money transfer offers after the tournament.

Yet the Oberhausen Sea Life centre insisted on keeping their star attraction - and are now devastated at the news of his passing.

World Most Amazing Beautiful Gardens

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Scotland
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensOpen to the public only one day a year, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation takes science and maths as its inspiration. Quite simply, there isn't another garden like it in the world. The garden was set up by Charles Jencks, together with his late wife Maggie Keswick and is located at Portrack House near Dumfries. That's in Scotland, by the way! It was set up in 1989 without the usual ideas people have when they create a garden. Horticultural displays very much take second place in this garden. Instead, it is designed with ideas in mind - and to provoke thought (or at least speculation) about the very nature of things.

Keukenhof Gardens – The Netherlands
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensAn unprecedented wealth of spectacular floral displays planted in endless varieties, alternated with beautiful works of art. Keukenhof is unique, world famous and has been one of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands. The garden is home to 7 million tulips, which includes special hybrids that have been or are being developed. In fact, Keukenhof's pride and joy is the truly awe-inspiring Russian black tulip Baba Yaga.

Suan Nong Nooch – Thailand
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensThis incredible park is situated in Pattaya, Thailand. It is popular among tourists because of stunningly beautiful landscapes and marvellous views. Everything there seems to be from a fairy-tale. It is full of Thai style houses, villas, banquet halls, restaurants and swimming pools. A vast 600 acres area was bought by Mr. Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch in 1954, this land was predicted to be a fruit plantation, but, Mrs. Nongnooch made a trip abroad and came back with a firm decision to create there a tropical garden of ornamental plants and flowers.

In 1980 it was opened to the public and got an official name "Suan Nong Nooch". Suan means "garden", since it is a place where everybody concerned can get acquainted with Thai Culture and Cultural Shows. More than 2,000 visitors go there everyday. This garden always looks as it does today. Also, it is a conservation place for many plants and palms.

Versailles – France
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensProbably the world's most famous garden, it was built for Louis XIV and designed by Andre Le Notre. The laying out of the gardens required enormous work. Vast amounts of earth had to be shifted to lay out the flower beds, the Orangerie, the fountains and the Canal, where previously only woods, grasslands and marshes were. The earth was transported in wheelbarrows, the trees were conveyed by cart from all the provinces of France and thousands of men, sometimes whole regiments, took part in this vast enterprise.

Jardim Botânico de Curitiba – Brazil
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensAlso known as the "Jardim Botânico Fanchette Rischbieter", the Botanical Garden of Curitiba is a garden located in the city of Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, and the biggest city in southern Brazil. It is the major tourist attraction of the city, and it houses part of the campus of the Federal University of Paraná. Opened in 1991, Curitiba's trademark botanical garden was created in the style of French gardens. Once at the portal of entry, extensive gardens in the French style in the midst of fountains may be seen, as well as waterfalls and lakes, and the main greenhouse of 458 square meters, which shelters in its interior, copies of characteristic plants from tropical regions. It rolls out its carpet of flowers to the visitor's right at the entrance. This garden occupies 240.000 m² in area. The principal greenhouse, in an art nouveau style with a modern metallic structure, resembles the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. The Botanic Museum, which provides a national reference collection of native flora, attracts researchers from all over the world. It includes many botanic species from the moist Atlantic Forests of eastern Brazil.

Butchart Gardens – Canada
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensButchart Gardens is one of the most famous gardens in the world which is counted among the best of the best. It's no less than a heaven out there at Butchart Gardens located in British Columbia. The breathtaking views will keep you stunned for some time when you first visit the Butchart Gardens. Spread over an area of 50 acres, the Butchart Gardens is placed near Victoria on Vancouver Island. There's never a dull season at Butchart Gardens, which keeps itself vibrating all throughout the year from the summers to the chilly winters.

Yuyuan Garden – China
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensYuyuan Garden is believed to be built in the Ming Dynasty more than 400 years ago. Built in traditional Chinese style with numerous rock and tree garden areas, ponds, dragon-lined walls and numerous doorways and zigzagging bridges separating the various garden areas and pavilions.In the past over 400 years, Yuyuan was restored and reopened several times. Because of the downfall of the Pan's family after Pan Yunduan's death, Yuyuan was slowly out of use and was once in a mess. Although later the garden was renovated by the local rich people, several civil wars in the mid-19th century caused huge damage. In 1956, after Shanghai's liberation, the city government rebuilt the garden and recovered its elegance and beauty. Yuyuan Garden was at last reopened to the public in 1961.

Shalimar Garden – Pakistan
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensThe Shalimar Garden is a Persian garden and it was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in Lahore, modern day Pakistan. Construction began in 1641 A.D. (1051 A.H.) and was completed the following year. The project management was carried out under the superintendence of Khalilullah Khan, a noble of Shah Jahan's court, in cooperation with Ali Mardan Khan and Mulla Alaul Maulk Tuni. The Shalimar Garden is laid out in the form of an oblong parallelogram, surrounded by a high brick wall, which is famous for its intricate fretwork. The gardens measure 658 meters north to south and 258 meters east to west. In 1981, Shalimar Gardens was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Lahore Fort, under the UNESCO Convention concerning the protection of the world's cultural and natural heritage sites in 1972.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – EUA
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensThe Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one of Minnesota's crown jewels and its centerpiece, the Spoonbridge and Cherry, has become a Minnesota icon. Claes Oldenburg best known for his ingenious, oversized renditions of ordinary objects, and Coosje van Bruggen, his wife and collaborator, had already created a number of large-scale public sculptures, including the Batcolumn in Chicago, when they were asked to design a fountain-sculpture for the planned Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The spoon had appeared as a motif in a number of Oldenburg's drawings and plans over the years, inspired by a novelty item (a spoon resting on a glob of fake chocolate) he had acquired in 1962. Eventually the utensil emerged--in humorously gigantic scale--as the theme of the Minneapolis project. Van Bruggen contributed the cherry as a playful reference to the Garden's formal geometry, which reminded her of Versailles and the exaggerated dining etiquette Louis XIV imposed there.

Ryōan-ji – Japan
World Most Amazing Beautiful GardensRyoan-ji Temple - Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto is famous for its Zen garden. Ryoan-ji Temple is considered to be one of the most notable examples of the "dry-landscape" style. Some say Ryoan-ji Temple garden is the quintessence of Zen art, and perhaps the single greatest masterpiece of Japanese culture. This Japanese temple is surrounded by low walls, an austere arrangement of fifteen rocks sits on a bed of white gravel. No one knows who laid out this simple garden, or precisely when, but it is today as it was yesterday, and tomorrow it will be as it is today. Behind the simple temple that overlooks the rock garden is a stone washbasin called Tsukubai said to have been contributed by Tokugawa Mitsukuni in the 17th century. It bears a simple but profound four-character inscription: "I learn only to be contented".

Couple s Kids Born 8/8/08, 9/9/09 and 10/10/10

Chad and Barbie Soper from Rockford, Mich., had a baby daughter, Cearra, on Oct. 10 -- 10/10/10.

That's a cool birth date, but what makes it even cooler is that the Sopers' second child, son Cameron, was born on 9/9/09.

Couple s Kids Born 8/8/08, 9/9/09 and 10/10/10Not impressed by the numerological alignment? Well, perhaps you should consider that the couple's firstborn, Chloe, arrived on 8/8/08.
Chad and Barbie Soper are pictured with their three children, Cearra, Chloe, and Cameron in Michigan.
T.J. Hamilton, / Grand Rapids Press
Chad and Barbie Soper's pose with their three children: Chole, born on 8/8/08; Cameron, born on 9/9/09; and Cearra, born on 10/10/10.

The odds of having three children with sequential, symmetrical birth dates must be sky high, but it turns out the Sopers weren't leaving the arrival dates of Cearra and Chloe to chance. Because Barbie Soper had some health problems, labor was induced for both daughters' births, meaning their birthdays were chosen, The Grand Rapids Press reported.

"There is this window we had. We definitely had the option to shoot for that day [Oct. 10] and did," Dr. Andrew Van Slooten, Barbie Soper's obstetrician, told the newspaper. "But it wasn't like delivering her three weeks early just to hit that date."

Will the couple be aiming for another baby on 11/11/11?

"Definitely no," Barbie Soper said.

World Amazing Strangest Concept Car

World Amazing Strangest Concept CarAlthough it looks a bit too sci-fi for the desert, The P-Eco vehicle definitely looks at home since the lack of a roof may prove annoying in other climates. Designed by Jung-Hoon Kim, the P-Eco vehicle is an electric car is actually made to make life easier in the city. Equipped with our piezoelectric devices on the front and rear of the driver's seat, according to Naresh Chauhan, it begins charging as soon as the ignition is turned on.

eRinGo Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThe eRinGo electric concept car is a ring-shaped vehicle that has a large wheel running around its center, while two medium sized wheels are present on each side. When the car is in motion, these wheels help it across turns, and when the car is still these wheels extend to provide balance and support. A rotor/ gyro system in the car helps it maintain balance on the single wheel. The two seater concept has steering wheels for both passengers, allowing either to take control.

Peugeot Egochine Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarYou thought the three-bar razor blade grille Ford's using lately was Gillette-inspired, check out Egochine, a single-person, tripod finalist in the Peugeot design contest. Creator Paolo De Giusti says it's "a vehicle built to carry a person very self-centered." The car's conceived with a hydrogen fuel cell in the fuselage mounted ahead of the rear-seated driver and powering a pair of electric motors turning to the front. It takes inspiration from the fabulously-bodied Isotta-Faschini's and other coach-built classics. It also seems to take inspiration from the Gillette Fusion Power razor.

Peugeot Moovie Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThe Portuguese designer André Costa took another novel approach to ease city parking and manoeuvring. His design Moovie, made for the 2005 Concours de Design Peugeot, features two huge hub-less side-wheels which are used for both driving and steering. Each wheel is independently driven by an electric motor, allowing the Moovie to rotate on its own axis and squeeze into the tightest parking spots. To increase stability, the two side-wheels are tilted inwards under a ten degree angle.

A360 Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThe A360 Concept from designer Huynh Ngoc Lan looks like a crossbreed between a UFO and some stealth fighter jet. Not that the concept is bad, it is just sort of weird. The triangular body has a panoramic glass roof, then there is the camera system on the exteriors that works to provide the driver with additional feedback. The car moves on three spheres, not wheels, which actually makes some sense considering that it is capable of moving in any direction on the ground.

Since the wheels are spherical, they need not move as the car makes a radical change in angle. To settle well with the new direction, the cabin is capable of a full rotation. To accommodate these functions, the steering wheel has undergone a bit of a change. A control ball takes the role of a steering wheel, with integrated functions for right, left and rotation.

Kassou Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarBritisher Dunderdale describes ‘Kassou', which is Japanese for ‘Glide', as “a very compact 3-wheel vehicle, with rear splitting doors and a sitting configuration that mimics a Jet–ski or motorbike arrangement in having a central ‘bench' for two people and moped like controls at the front.”

The large glazing of the cockpit is attached to an adjustable rubber neck which can be expanded and contracted to improve aerodynamics or inside headroom, and a ‘side-car' can be attached via a lower section of the vehicle which also provides an extendable structure for storage of bags and even bikes. Dunderdale's design scored the highest for ‘unique and appealing design' within the professional designer category.

BMW Lovos
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarDesigner Anne Forschner noticed the mundanity of our mass-produced world, and created the Lovos concept to encourage viewers to “escape from the embrace of pleasant conformism.” The concept stands unique to draw attention towards its form, and is covered in particles and structures that when closed give an appearance of fish scales, and of a totally weird car when open. The concept has 260 identical interchangeable parts in its structure, most of these elements form the car's fish scales. When open, these scales function as air brakes, and keep their direction towards the sun to harvest solar energy. Apart from the scales on the body, 12 scales cover each wheel of the car. As the wheels are set into motion, these scales retract to create a semblance of turbines.

Aurora Safety Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThe Aurora Safety car was a creation of American catholic priest Alfredo Juliano. Designed with safety for passengers and pedestrians as the only concern, the Aurora's appearance was an afterthought. And the car has been hailed by many as the ugliest vehicle of all time. Safety features of this hideous creation include; saftey belts - rare in 1957, foam filled bumpers mounted on gas shocks, roll over bars built into the perspex dome roof, and a telescopic steering column. The Aurora's rounded windscreen was intended to eliminate the need for windscreen wipers.

Mazda Nagare Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThe Nagare (pronounced “na-ga-re”) is a concept car that was introduced by Mazda at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show. The Nagare is considered to be an exercise in natural and organic car design to explore the future of Mazda automobiles. Its name “Nagare” translates into English as “flow” and the designers specifically studied motion and the effect it has on natural surroundings when creating this vehicle. It was designed by Laurens van den Acker, Mazda's global design director, and his advanced design studio team in Irvine, California. The Mazda Nagare is a celebration of proportions and surface language according to its designers. Its bodylines flow like liquid across its smooth seamless design and there are no distinguishing marks that detract from the overall theme of the car. It has a large windshield that rakes at a very steep angle molding itself into the glass roof of the car. Its large and aggressive wheels are wrapped into the wheel wells, incorporating them as a part of the body.

Honda Fuya-Jo Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarHistory has produced some wonderful concept cars that became significant production models. It has also produced many that were somewhat less than well received. Japan in particular, has an automotive culture which takes significant chances with its concept vehicles, and is often prepared to go well beyond the traditional to explore new niche markets. One such long shot was the Fuya Jo from Honda – the vehicle whose name means "Sleepless City", was designed specifically to transport “party animals who demand the full excitement of night life.” Shown at the 1999 Tokyo Show and seen at major auto shows as recently as 2002, Honda clearly had the ecstacy generation in mind with this vehicle designed to allow the occupants to stand and dance their way from venue to venue. The interior has a distinct dance club theme, with a dashboard designed to resemble a DJ's mixing desk (circa 1998) and the steering wheel shaped accordingly as a turntable. Not surprisingly, the sound system incorporated into the Fuya Jo was powerful and the car was designed to test the youth market's ideas on what they wanted from the automotive industry.

Toyota EX-III Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarShown at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show, the EX-III was a big brother of a former concept model. The larger body was even more aerodynamic, being built very low with a pointed front (no bumper), a long bonnet, sharply sloped sides and a tapered rear. Large exhaust outlets hinted at a gas turbine engine but no details were given.

Magnet Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThe Magnet Car was designed by Mat˙ö Proch•czka as a solution to the challenge of finding more fuel efficient methods of transport. This car uses magnets the same polarity as the road, which effectively ‘lifts' the car off the road, making it lighter by 50%. Of course, this is a true ‘concept car', as magnetized roads are a purely hypothetical idea, and yet to be realized.

1965 Dodge Concept Car
World Amazing Strangest Concept CarThis unbelievable weird 1965 Dodge Deora concept was put for auction in 2009. Built for the Detroit Autorama back in the '60s, by some hot-roddy types called Mike and Larry Alexander, the Deora later became one of the original Hot Wheels toy cars. The more astute among you may have noticed the lack of doors. But instead of slithering in through the side windows, the front of the cab opens like a venus flytrap – allowing the driver to bundle in arse-first.

World Biggest Motorcycle

World's Biggest Motorcycle
People who see Greg Dunham's motorcycle sometimes think they've suddenly shrunk. What they're actually looking at, however, is the world's biggest motorcycle, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Dunham built the 15-foot high, 25-foot-long monster bike in over three years. It weighs about 6,500 pounds and cost $300,000. Dunham steers it from a cage below the handlebars. The beauty shop owner said he created the monster bike because his friends said it couldn't be done and he wanted to prove it could. The reaction he gets from people who see it is icing on the cake. The Guinness Book of World Records describes the bike as the world's tallest rideable motorcycle.

D575A-3SD - World's Biggest Bulldozer

World's Biggest Bulldozer
When it comes to bulldozing, bigger really is better. The bigger the dozer the more efficiently they work and the more aggregate they can shove. The World's biggest and most powerful (production) Bulldozer is the D575A-3SD built by Komatsu in Ishikawa, Japan. Standing 16 feet tall, 41 feet long and 24 feet wide the D575A-3SD is the king of power when it comes to shifting aggregate. When the need arises to clear away large amounts of rubble, rock or earth then the D575A-3SD is the machine of choice.

Antonov An-225 – World largest and heaviest aircraft

World largest and heaviest aircraft
The Antonov An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft, designed by the Soviet Antonov Design Bureau. It is the world's heaviest fixed-wing aircraft. The design, built to transport the Buran orbiter, was an enlargement of the successful An-124 Ruslan. The An-225's name, Mriya (Мрiя) means "Dream" (Inspiration) in Ukrainian. The An-225 is commercially available for flying over-sized payloads due to the unique size of its cargo deck. Currently there is only one aircraft in operation.

World Top 10 Most Unique Lakes

1. Plitvice Lakes (Croatia): Sixteen Lakes interconnected by Spectacular Waterfalls
World Top 10 Most Unique Lakes
The Plitvice Lakes are a series of sixteen lakes interconnected by spectacular waterfalls, set in a deep woodland and populated by deers, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the lakes are renowned for their distinctive colours, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. The colours change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight.

2. Boiling Lake (Dominica): A Flooded Fumarole
World Top 10 Most Unique Lakes
The Boiling Lake is situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica's World Heritage site. It is a flooded fumarole, or hole in the earth’s surface, 10.5 km east of Roseau, Dominica, on the Caribbean. It is filled with bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of vapor. The lake is approximately 60 m across.

3. Red Lagoon (Bolivia): Red (algae) + White (borax)
Unique Lakes
The Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon) is a shallow salt lake in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia, close to the border with Chile. The lake contains borax islands, whose white color contrasts nicely with the reddish color of its waters, caused by red sediments and pigmentation of some algae.

4. Five-Flower Lake (China): Beautiful Multi-Coloured Lake with Fallen Tree Trunks
Unique Lakes
The Wuhua Hai, or Five-Flower Lake, is the signature of the Jiuzhaigon National Park in China. The lake is a shallow multi-coloured lake whose bottom is littered with fallen tree trunks. The water is so clear that you can see the trunks clearly. The water comes in different shares of turquoise, from yellowish to green, to blue. It is located at an elevation of 2472 meters, below Panda Lake and above the Pearl Shoal Waterfall.

5. Dead Sea (Israel and Jordan): Lowest Point on Earth
Unique Lakes
The Dead Sea is a salt lake situated between Israel and the West bank to the west, and Jordan to the east. It is 420 meters (1,378 ft) below sea level and its shores are the lowest point on the surface of the Earth on dry land. The Dead Sea is 330 m (1,083 ft) deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. It is also the world's second saltiest body of water, after Lake Assal in Djibouti, with 30 percent salinity. It is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This salinity makes for a harsh environment where animals cannot flourish and boats cannot sail. The Dead Sea is 67 kilometers (42 mi) long and 18 kilometers (11 mi) wide at its widest point. It lies in the Jordan Rift Valley, and its main tributary is the Jordan River.
The Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the Mediterranean basin for thousands of years. Biblically, it was a place of refuge for King David. It was one of the world's first health resorts (for Herod the Great), and it has been the supplier of a wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers.

6. Lake Baikal (Russia): Deepest and Oldest Lake in the World
Unique Lakes
Lake Baikal is located in Southern Siberia in Russia, and it's also known as the "Blue Eye of Siberia". It contains more water than all the North American Great Lakes combined. At 1,637 meters (5,371 ft), Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, and the largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, holding approximately twenty percent of the world's total fresh water. However, Lake Baikal contains less than one third the amount of water as the Caspian Sea which is the largest lake in the world. Lake Baikal was formed in an ancient rift valley and therefore is long and crescent-shaped with a surface area (31,500 km²) slightly less than that of Lake Superior or Lake Victoria. Baikal is home to more than 1,700 species of plants and animals, two thirds of which can be found nowhere else in the world and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. At more than 25 million years old, it is the oldest lake in the world.

7. Lake Titicaca (Bolivia and Peru): World's Highest Navigable Lake
Unique Lakes
Lake Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It sits 3,812 m (12,500 ft) above sea level making it the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. By volume of water it is also the largest lake in South America. Lake Titicaca is fed by rainfall and meltwater from glaciers on the sierras that abut the Altiplano.

8. Caspian Sea (Russia): World's Largest Lake
Unique Lakes
The Caspian Sea is the world's largest lake or largest inland body of water in the world, and accounts for 40 to 44 percent of the total lacustrine waters of the world. With a surface area of 394,299 km² (152,240 mi²), it has a surface area greater than the next six largest lakes combined.

9. Crater Lake (USA): its waters are considered one of the World's Most Clearest
Unique Lakes
Crater Lake is a caldera lake located in Oregon; due to several unique factors, most prominently that it has no inlets or tributaries, the waters of Crater Lake are considered one of the world's most clearest. The lake partly fills a nearly 4,000 foot (1,220 m) deep caldera that was formed around 5,677 (± 150) BC by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. Its deepest point has been measured at 1,949 feet (594 m) deep, making it the deepest lake in the United States, and the ninth deepest in the world.

10. Lake Karachay (Russia): Most Polluted Spot on Earth
Unique Lakes
Lake Karachay is a small lake in the southern Ural mountains in western Russia. Starting in 1951 the Soviet Union used Karachay as a dumping site for radioactive waste from Mayak, the nearby nuclear waste storage and reprocessing facility, located near the town of Ozyorsk. According to a report by the Washington, D.C.-based Worldwatch Institute on nuclear waste, Karachay is the "most polluted spot" on Earth. The lake accumulated some 4.44 exabecquerels (EBq) of radioactivity, including 3.6 EBq of Caesium-137 and 0.74 EBq of Strontium-90. For comparison, the Chernobyl disaster released from 5 to 12 EBq of radioactivity, however this radiation is not concentrated in one location.