Top 10 Most Expensive Vehicles of U.S. Military

1. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit
The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, better known as the Stealth Bomber, can launch conventional and nuclear weapons against the most heavily protected enemy lines on earth thanks to its ability to evade radar detection. Originally, it was supposed to be manufactured in a run of 132, but it was so expensive that the initial 1987 order was slashed to 21.

The cost of the B-2 program in 1997 was $737 million, or just over $1 billion today. Combined with procurement costs, the B-2 Spirit costs over $2 billion. The craft was first used during the Kosovo War in 1999, and it has been used successfully in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. They have also been used during the 2011 Libyan uprising, according to the BBC.

No other country on earth has a larger defense budget than the United States. According to the Department of Defense, its base budget for fiscal year 2010 is over $500 billion, with another $130 billion to bolster the War on Terrorism and another $33 billion in supplemental spending on top of that. And that’s not to mention Homeland Security or nuclear arsenal maintenance.

A lot of this money is spent on aircraft, tanks and ships, all of which are top – of – line and represent the furthest advances in military technology. In other words, they cost a lot of money.

World 10 Interesting Facts About Countries and People

Interesting Facts About Countries and People
1. In Siena, Italy, Girls who named Mary cannot be a pr0st1tute.

Amazing Transparent Church

Amazing Transparent Church

80 Kilogram Tumor

80 Kilogram Tumor
For three years now, Nguyen Duy Hai from Da Lat city has been unable to move and can only sleep sitting up as his giant tumor has grown to an oversized 80 kilograms.

Being 1 meter in diameter, the 31-year-old man’s tumor is linked to his left leg and causes agonizing pains whenever the weather changes.

“His tumor has grown so fast and heavy he can’t do anything by himself but just sitting there,” Nguyen Thi Cho Con, Hai’s mother said in tears.

For years, the 61-year-old woman has taken care of all of her son’s basic needs, she shared, only worrying her declining health won’t let her do that anymore.

“He just screams in pain when the changing weather affects his tumor,”

“He has to sit and sleep like a toad for the tumor doesn’t let him even move or turn his body sideways,”

“It is so hurting to look at your child everyday like this,” Con confided.

World Tallest Horse - Noddy

Luscombe Nodram  (Noddy)- The worlds Tallest horse. Luscombe Nodram (Noddy) is coming back home to QLD for a special appearance at the Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Field Days at Gatton on May 1 & 2. After being away for 6 years. Noddy will be coming back to QLD to take part in Australias largest and most prestigious heavy horse show. After leaving home as a 15 hand weanling, Noddy returns as a 20.2 hand horse. Come and see him and say hello.
World Tallest Horse
Yahoo, big news Noddy is coming home. Noddy will be back in QLD for a little while when he is a special guest at the Gatton heavy Horse Field Days show in May. Noddy will return to his birthplace for this once in a lifetime appearance. After spending his time at the Royal Easter Show (for its duration), Noddy will make his way to QLD. Luscombe Nodram started life just like all of our other foals. He was a normal height when he was born and a normal height as a weanling. That is where Noddy stops being normal. He just kept growing and growing. Now Nodram stands 20.2 hands. Nodram was bred and born at the Shires of Luscombe in Queenlsand. His sire is the grey Shire Stallion, Luscombe Whats Wanted “Ted” and his dam is the black Shire Mare, Cedars Annabella “Annabella”.  Both of these horses stand 18 hands. Nodram’s Great Great Grandsire Ladbrook Invader, was also tall. In 1981 he was in the Guiness Book of World Records as the tallest living horse, standing 19.2 hands.

10 Most Evil Women

1. Katherine Knight (born: 1955)
Most Evil Women
Katherine Knight, one of the most evil women in history
Known as Australia- Hannibal, Katherine Knight was first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Her first marriage was so violent that she even tried to strangle her husband, hard drinking David Kellett, on their wedding night. She explained it was because he fell asleep after only having intercourse three times. In her next relationship with David Saunders, Knight became so jealous that she cut the throat of his two-month-old dingo pup in front of him, in order to show him what would happen if he ever had an affair before. And although Knight- next -lover- John Charles Thomas Price was well aware of her violent reputation, he allowed her move into his house and became her next victim. The relationship ended with Knight stabbing Price to death with a butcher- knife. Price- autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed at least 37 times, in both the back and front of his body with many of the wounds extending into vital organs. But that- not all. Few hours after Price had died, she skinned him and hung the skin from a meat hook on the architrave of a door to the lounge room. Then she cut off his head and put it in the soup pot, baked his buttocks, and prepared vegetables and gravy to accompany the -roast-. The meal and a vindictive note were set out for the children, but luckily discovered by police before they arrived home.

10 Most Corrupt Indian Politicians

While everyone has been animatedly supporting Anna Hazare's fight against corruption, people seem to have forgotten who the people are who actually led to this situation. The peak of irony was when Anna was, allegedly, lodged in the same jail that housed the people who were responsible for two of the biggest scams in the country ever. How must the authorities have felt when they saw Raja and Kalmadi fill their plates while Anna was on a fast because of their misdeeds?

Corruption has become an unavoidable part of politics and every now and then, one or the other politician re-affirms this fact.

1. Suresh Kalmadi
Most Corrupt Indian Politicians
Suresh Kalmadi, almost single handedly caused a loss of hundreds of crores of rupees to the country. The Commonwealth Games, organized by Kalmadi was no less than a loot with numerous reports of the magnum opus event being soaked in corruption making headlines way before the Games had even started. Apparently, out of Rs. 70000 crores spent on the Games, only half of the amount was actually spent. Owing to his involvement in the scam, Kalmadi was charged with corruption and sent to Tihar jail.